Percorso educativo per adulti

The Three-Dimensional Reading Awareness Path for adults

This is a real path of awareness aimed at adults from 18 years of age. The participants won’t only learn the Three-Dimensional Reading method, but they will especially acquire the state and knowledge, the reasons, and comprehend the method’s functioning.

Our functioning is explained and transmitted through the teachings of Master Gurdjieff, philosopher, writer, mystic and musician who lived towards the end of the twentieth century.

The Three-Dimensional Reading awareness course will be held on weekends from Friday to Sunday in the main cities of the central and northern regions of Italy and in the main provinces of the European Union countries.

However, acquiring the method is not enough if you do not change your attitude and inner state towards life, learning, things, and people. That is why during the three-day course the learners will have to confront themselves with their limiting beliefs, with their conscious and unconscious limits. They will have to make an effort to understand a new point of view.

In this way the three-dimensional reading method will transform an ordinary reader into a real individual of culture, intelligence and awareness.

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