Percorso educativo per studenti universitari

EVRYDO Masterclass Awareness Course for university students

The EVRYDO Masterclass Awareness Path, in which the accelerated learning method of Three-Dimensional Reading is transmitted along with numerous methods of rapid memorisation, concept maps, meditation and concentration techniques, is exclusively dedicated to university students.

It is a residential course, arriving on Monday morning and returning Sunday afternoon. Over this experience, university students will be able to prepare 3 exams in just 7 days.

Students will be taught memorisation methods, systems for simplifying information, taking notes, concept maps. Furthermore, participants will learn practices for developing concentration, relaxation, methods for dissolving negative emotions and transforming them into motivational emotions. All this along with a unique money-back guarantee: if students fail one exam, they will get 1/3 of the cost back. If they fail two exams, they will get 2/3 back. If they fail three exams, they will be refunded the total amount paid.

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