“This method is going to be useful for my school career in order for my grades to be better off. It’s really an experience that changes your life.”

“An incredible experience with wonderful people.”

“I learned a new method of studying, which will help me avoid studying for hours. It was really wonderful.”

This course satisfied me. I enjoyed it and I want to commit to using and experiencing the method.

Simona Maria N.

This experience has left me the desire to go home and continue to try the three-dimensional reading technique for studying.

Alice M.

What do I think? There are no words to define this course: astonishing, fantastic, amazing, incredible, fun, interesting, very useful!!!

Simona S.

Beautiful, now I have to commit, study and practice. I feel like I have the keys to the universe in my hand.

Monica R.

I was impressed with the technique and the impact it can have on my life.

Marco B.

A wonderful opportunity that everyone should enjoy. The technique saves a lot of time!o!

Pietro D. T.

Super! I was fully satisfied with both the teaching and the teachers. I really liked the motivation I felt to study and the teaching method.

Marco C.

This has been the most useful course I could ever attend in my studies. It has given me so much confidence in myself and my abilities.

Andrea C.

It has been useful because before I came here, I struggled with studying and memorising the study material. However, since I came to the course, I have improved and understood everything well.

Elena Z.

I am a close-minded, uptight person, and I thought I couldn’t do it. Instead, today I managed to achieve my goals, and that was very important. I take it as the beginning of the change. I didn’t think I would be able to read 220 pages and remember them, so I am very happy.

Giovanni M.

Beautiful and motivating, everyone should attend it! This leads us to be aware of what little we know of ourselves and how important it is to know ourselves to understand others and the world around us better.

Enzo G.

I need it so much. I used to waste a lot of time studying books for hours and hours. Well, with this method you can learn a lot of things in 20 minutes, and it’s even better than if you study “normally”. Since I am dyscalculic, it will help me a lot during the school year. I’m very happy to be here.

Mathilda M.

Really interesting and stimulating, it was a complete course that enriches the participants in many ways and produces an inner change. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Dalila S.

It was a really pleasant surprise. The exercises quickly lead to learning the technique. I was astonished when I realized I told the book’s content, mentioning details I would have never remembered. From the first day, I understood that it was useful for my school goals and life in general.

Mattia V.

I will recommend it to my friends because it opened up a world to me. Through the test I’ve just taken, I found that I learned a lot and that I remember well everything I read, thank you.

Riccardo D. M.

It has been a very interesting journey, full of experiences. I met really nice people who gave me a lot and I will always treasure this experience. Thank you

Chiara P.

The course is completely different from what I expected, it trains you not only through the technique to learn to read in a short time, but it fills you with new information. It expands your knowledge a lot, opens up new possibilities, and goes beyond the limits you impose on yourself and that society sets on you anyway.

Francesco A.

It was a wonderful and very useful experience. Before the course, it took me 5 hours to study geometry and grammar. I now study arithmetic and geometry for no more than 20 minutes.

Eleonora B.

Testimonianze ragazzi - Lettura Tridimensionale
Testimonianze ragazzi - Lettura Tridimensionale
Testimonianze ragazzi - Lettura Tridimensionale