Serena learned to prepare for a university exam in 3 days, getting excellent grades.

Elisabetta applied the methods with great results 10 days after the course.

Diana passed all her Japanese exams at university without attending classes.

A very well organized and useful course, I went back home enriched, with the confirmation that everything is possible… thanks to all.

Daniela S.

I found real improvements in my reading ability in terms of speed and comprehension..

Franco P.

A course that allows you to transform yourself. It makes you better. You open yourself to the world and others. You overcome all your limits. Try it and you’ll see. Thanks to all!

GianPaola M.

It is proof that you never stop learning. Extraordinary teaching: competent and qualitative. Great example of team building and organization.

Giuseppe S.

An enlightening course of great interest, able to captivate and stimulate even the most sceptical person. A special thank you to Filippo Rossi and his team. Merci beaucoup!

Sandra L.

The possibility of going beyond what I thought possible. The opening of a door hidden behind some weeds. Thank you for everything!

Antonella S.

This course is very stimulating in many ways! I appreciated the breaks (during which we played group games) that made it all very enjoyable. I appreciated Filippo’s and Anna’s explanations and the staff’s friendliness and kindness. Thank you for your support and helpful attitude!

Sandra M.

Simply revolutionary! Not only does it help you learn faster, but it also opens the world to new possibilities. I’m very happy to have followed this course but almost sorry it ends because the affection, patience, attention and humanity that I found here cannot be found anywhere else. Thank you again.

Julien B.

Very interesting and instructive, well organised with friendly but very qualified staff members. I will practice everything you taught me. I learned new things that I didn’t think existed. Thank you!

Maria Luisa M.

This course not only teaches you how to learn a new reading technique but also prepares you to use areas of the human mind that I didn’t even know existed until now. This leads you to face life in a different, more creative, intuitive and efficient waye.

Attila B.

Fantastic, it opens up a new world. The immediate result I perceived was an enormous improvement in memorising what I “read”.

Manilo C.

Irreplaceable, extraordinary, soul-enriching experience. Absolutely recommended for everyone.

Alberto C.

You need to attend this course! It helps us leave aside our fears and the limits with which we have grown up, acquiring great freedom.

Barbara O.

It’s a very instructive course and it changes the way you see certain things and situations. It was amazing to think back and understand that everything is possible and if others succeed, so can you!

Giulia M.

Stimulating and comprehensive, it was a fun weekend and the guys were really helpful. Great positive environment. The technique was explained well and clearly.

Cristina S.

Filippo and the guys shared their knowledge in a clear and encouraging way; it was easy to get involved in the exercises and activities proposed. The course is exciting and innovative.

Rosanna M.

It is much more than just a new reading method. Thank you for all the teachings transmitted, which have greatly enriched me. I will never forget them. Thank you for wanting to make the world a better place..

Margot S.

I believe it was very useful. I feel confident that I will pass my exams at university.

Simone M.

I think it is very tangible and practical, full of teaching. Thank you very much!

Sofia B.

Deeper than I thought, it works because based on how we work. I leave time for my subconscious and intuitions to emerge.

Rita P.

Fantastic, exciting and special, a new way to know yourself and study.

Andrea G.

A rich course. It’s much more than a simple reading technique, it can be applied to many things. This is the most interesting aspect and provides us with studies to reflect on our psychology and manage our emotions.

Alessandro F.

It was very interesting and intense. I finished the course feeling satisfied and confident in the three-dimensional reading and myself. I think life will be much easier from today!

Martina M.

Very enlightening, I discovered new things I had never heard before. I didn’t know our brain could work like that! I really enjoyed the testimonials.

Eric C.

I’m confident and hope to start improving the taught techniques right away

Filippo M.

I have great confidence in what I have learned. I want the three-dimensional reading to become a new way of understanding and living life for me too. It has been a new adventure. I’m happy!

Massimo C.

Excellent course of great motivation, I’m sure it will be useful for my future. I hope this is just the beginning of a path of growth, and above all I hope I can share it as much as possible with my family, friends and collaborators.

Andrea G.

I found this three-dimensional reading method absolutely revolutionary, and at the same time it’s something very close to us, as it is written into our DNA. I believe it is useful not only to speed up reading but also to make us more aware, contact the depth and spirituality of our soul, activate our resources, and improve our confidence and self-esteem. Since I saw the advertisement on Facebook, I knew this course was for me, and by attending it I had the confirmation of that.

Giuseppina V.

I would better define this course as a life course. It opened my eyes to things I didn’t even know existed, it gave me confidence, hope, positiveness and many smiles. It made my desire to learn the three-dimensional reading method even greater. I realised that I have to relearn to let myself be surprised and relaxed. Enrolling in this course was perhaps the smartest thing I have ever done. Now I’m looking forward to seeing what it will allow me to achieve in my life. Thank you for everything.

Alessia B.

I am so touched! The purpose of this course is to remind those who have fallen asleep of who they are and awaken their divine being. For the first time I find someone outside my circle of friends who shares such a high and fine goal. Thank you for the precious gift you have given me.

Matteo A.

Very interesting, it made me discover new potentials..

Luca D.

It was exciting. I will use this method in all aspects of my life, thank you.

Sara C.

It was an opportunity to finally connect with myself in a unique way. I finally had the opportunity to access my intuitive side. Thank you for everything..

Maria Ida R.

Thank you truly for this new method and the fabulous world you let me into and for giving me the key with so much love and joy. It has been awesome!

Zhulieta G.

There’s so much more than I expected. Not only did I manage to read 70 pages of a book in a short time, but I realised that I needed to learn to listen to myself because inside me I have all the answers I’m looking for..

Cinzia R.

It is very interesting, it has opened up channels in my mind, and I am sure that I can activate them in the best possible way thanks to the method. Very exhaustive and involving in its entirety, congratulations!

Alessandra D.

The method is fantastic, effective, essential. An important tool to strengthen the relationship with the intuitive mind. Important also for the simplest results, which are the ones that create the bricks to improve the quality of one’s life, gain self-confidence and become passionate about what one learns.

Serena S.

Experience that made me more aware and grow. It offered me food for thought on the possible opening of new intuitive and deep channels, to continue to experiment to consolidate them over time with the feeling of joy and wonder.

Elia C.

I loved it. It left me with a great desire to start reading with this method. Finally, I understood that I had to listen to my deep mind and intuition. Thank you very much..

Daniele B.

It’s a great tool to learn more about. I’m sure it will help me in life. Thank you!

Francesca Z.

I appreciated the course structure and realised the method’s immense potential. Thank you.

Diego B.

Beautiful, it opens up a world of possibilities for the mind..

Laura Z.

Laura Z.
Wonderful, a breath of optimism and possibilities to trust.

Marcella P.

Exceptional because it opened up a world to me that I already sensed. I knew that the mind had enormous potential, and you helped me exploit it..

Stefano R.

I’m happy to have participated. I’d never heard of it before. It really helps you to learn faster. You definitely get a clear idea of what you need to do about yourself.

Alessandra Z.

It was a beautiful course, learning to leave the chains of the mind and free it to see its potential. Exciting, beautiful environment made of like-minded people who have decided to change their way of thinking and get out of the box. I will recommend it to everyone..

Sonia M.

Truly engaging and enlightening, I look forward to catching up with all the students who have achieved proficiency in the method.

Luca M.

This course exceeded my first expectations, the method can really change your life if applied appropriately in any field..

Alfredo P.

Very interesting course, useful and opens your mind 360 degrees, not only for reading but also for everyday life. You haven’t just taught us a technique, you made us realise that we are complete and we don’t lack anything, we just need to realize it and become aware of it.

Nicoletta B.

Interesting, an alternative way to question myself and re-connect with my deepest part, a way to enjoy studying again..

Sara F.

I am very satisfied and pleased to have seized this opportunity. It is extremely innovative, it gave me an incredible sense of joy, serenity, excitement towards the infinite opportunities that I already feel so close.

Elena R.

Very useful tool with wide application possibilities..

Francesca B.

An interesting course, in which for the first time in your life you have to know how to really put yourself out there.

Diana T.

It is very interesting, for what it teaches and the amount of work you can do.

Giuseppe C.

I was pleasantly surprised by this course. I was able to get valuable and very useful tools.

Claudio M.

My opinion is just a confirmation of how phenomenal, advanced, enlightening, applicable, stimulating and evolutionary this course is.

Fiorella E.

Extremely interesting and well structured. It sets in motion an inner mechanism of trust and awareness

Siriana B.

Very nice, really unexpected! I had guessed it was something interesting but what I found was far beyond my expectations.

Alida B.

Interesting and exciting. My rational part tries to sabotage me, while my intuitive part pushes me on. It is an innovative path that needs to be explored.

Luigi C.

It was very exciting, a path that is only the beginning and, from what I feel, goes beyond reading. A way of overcoming and finding oneself. Thank you!

Claudia P.

Beyond the reading method and its application, it was very interesting to find out how we work. Now I can’t wait to explore all my hidden potentials.

Gaia G.

Beautiful, it changes your life both from the point of view of studies and work. It opens up many doors for me regarding my personal growth and evolution. The energy you breathe, the desire for growth and sharing is wonderful. A beautiful first step towards discovering the true and pure. A first push towards evolution.

Chiara M.

The course was interesting, to be applied immediately as it requires a very different attitude from the one I have in everyday life.

Erika D.

Very interesting, useful, fantastic.

Olivo M.

Very interesting, it made me think about many things.

Gabriele B.

Deep course, brilliant, simple method, refined and sophisticated, excellent structure.

Giulio V.

I highly recommend it to all those who want to find a fast and also fun way to expand their method of study and their cultural background.

Marco G.

The course was beyond expectations: comprehensive, exhaustive, provided more than a tool beyond 3D reading.

Davide F.

Very enriching, surprising, useful but above all achievable beyond all expectations

Silvana S.

The course was a life experience and a possibility for change.

Enrica I.

I expected it to be different, i.e. more logical and practical, whereas in reality, as Filippo himself teaches us, it is very tangible.

Chiara B.

Fun, motivating, pushes you, enriches you, gives you the opportunity to improve your life, teaches constancy, excellent!

Silvana S.

Very well done and extremely interesting. Interesting atmosphere, pleasant from the very first moment. You can perceive a collaboration and freedom of being who you are, as if you were with old friends.

Federica L.

I think it is, for those who want, a possible new beginning, because although there is the teaching of the method, I think the most significant part is how it helps you open your mind.

Giovanni A.

Inspiring course, very personally and spiritually enriching. It inspired me to believe in myself and be consistent in life..

Emiliana P.

More enriching than I would have expected. I came with my plans but my range of objectives has widened.

Silvia P.

For me it’s a very positive discovery full of euphoria, excitement and a lot of curiosity about what’s ahead.

Maria F.

A course that it’s changing my life. I’m very pleased, and above all happy to have participated. I am speechless. Thank you truly!

Giuseppe P.

I’ll be brief: I find it indispensable and don’t need to add anything else.

Luca T.

It’s not just a three-dimensional reading course but an open door to live a new life.

Claudia L.

Fantastic, explosive, fun: it will lead me to achieve my goal of graduating!

Paola V.

A unique experience that I’m sure will allow me to live other fantastic experiences in my future thanks to the tools you gave me with the course. Three days full of content and never predictable. Thank you, you are a valuable team.

Anna B.

This course bowled me over. I believe my feedback is reductive because more than a course is an encounter with the opportunities to be something else.

Luigi N.

Very interesting, it gave me back a desire to take action and put myself out there that I thought I had lost a bit. I was just asleep!

Chiara B.

Very interesting, an opportunity that can change your life. Surely when you leave the course you’re not the same as when you arrived; it’s a hope for everyone, especially the students.

Simona C.

Very intense, interesting. I went having the possibility to overcome certain limits to already seeing results.

Luigi N.

Definitely the best learning experience I’ve ever taken part in: the possibilities this course gives me are unimaginable.

Riccardo A.

A transcendental course, it opens up new ways of learning. It also offers you a very important tool to continue to grow and thus become better people to contribute more to others.

Omar R.

The course is an opportunity to be seized and lived fully. I have concluded that this technique can help get rid of the piles of books I need to study and make them fun and enjoyable. So my conclusion is that I am energy and I absolutely want to practice this method.

Beatrice B.

It was a course that allowed me to learn a really innovative, interesting and extremely useful technique. I feel satisfied because, in addition to proposing a concrete tool for change, it stimulates me to reflect on all the other aspects of my life.

Serena B.

I am very satisfied. This is a very useful and fun course, an excellent way to learn. Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Erik C.

It was a very interesting course, full of experiences. I met really nice people who gave me a lot. I will always carry this experience within me. Thank you

Chiara P.

It was enlightening, it opened up a world to me that I didn’t think that could exist. I’m very happy to have participated and I’m sure it will positively change my life. Thank you thank you thank you!

Chiara D.

I followed it with enthusiasm and commitment to take advantage of every possible part of it…exciting!

Michele V.

A very useful course not only for study but also for everyday life.

Danilo V.

It is an experience that I recommend to anyone who wants to turn their lives around; it opens up unimaginable perspectives and is the first step in a much broader learning process..

Christopher C.

Innovative and unexpected, certainly its versatility is a strength. It is a very useful technique for life. Thank you for this opportunity!

Veronica V.

Extraordinary! I’m proud and happy to be here. Thank you so much.

Veronica R.

Very interesting, enlightening and constructive as it goes beyond reading. It really opens your vision and mind. I am happy to have participated.

Tiziana F.

Exceptional! It’s not just a method for reading books or studying, but facing and accepting life differently. It makes me realise how powerful we are and increases our self-esteem so that we can reach every goal, it teaches us to bring out our potential and make us aware of who we are.

Mariana N.

It’s a course that has motivated me to change my lifestyle. In particular, I want to be more helpful and present from now on. So from today I will work on my evolution!

Fabrizio V.

I am very happy to have had this experience because it gave me the opportunity to put myself out there and become aware of who I am. It is very useful for reading because it is a method that no one had ever explained to me and is equally useful in everyday life.

Francesca C.

Very interesting and full of ideas for personal growth. Thank you very much for the opportunity.

Giuliano P.

It’s a gift that you need to understand right away, value it, use it for your own evolution and share it with as many people as possible.

Rodolfo T.

Very interesting! I have already got positive results both in reading speed and understanding the text. Incredible!

Claudio A.

The course is enlightening, amazing. During this course of knowledge you realise how many rules and conditioning you have received, how relaxing and being in the present is little considered in everyday life. Absolutely recommended for everyone.

Mirella L.

Absolutely amazing, you arrive thinking of acquiring a good method of reading and studying, and on the way (quite soon actually: after the first morning) you realise that you are given a key to access something else, which makes you freer, more joyful and powerful (meaning that you have many infinite possibilities).

Eliana T.

This course is an opportunity for growth and awareness beyond reading and studying. It opens up channels, visions, journeys that make me want to live long to experience and be amazed.

Marina G.

Definitely a revolutionary course, very interesting, and opens up infinite possibilities.

Roberta G.

This is something I would never have thought of! I’m sorry it’s over.

Romeo S.

This course is a huge opportunity for everyone.

Antonella F.

The course is really interesting and enjoyable! It’s not only a course to learn how to read or study a book quickly but a method of inner growth. I found a real and sincere environment, a close-knit group almost like a family.

Alessandro D.

The course is really interesting for the important insights on many aspects of our lives: lack of awareness, limits and superstructures that do not allow us to be truly free. I feel like I’ve had a week’s holiday away from the problems and worries of everyday life. It has given me an incredible charge! Thank you for everything.

Giovanna M.

It’s an innovative, enlightening course that digs deep and effectively. But, more than a course, I can define it as the beginning of a rather intense path.

Gianfranco C.

It was an incredible experience! I’ll go back home enriched, and I’ll definitely apply the method.

Maria Giovanna B.

It’s a very powerful tool that opens the door to a completely different life.

Gaia G.

Extremely fascinating and motivating. Well done!

Andrea F.

Intense, wonderful, definitely effective..

Stefano B.

I really enjoyed this course, it is concise and effective and much more!

Maria Gioia M.

Truly exciting, innovative.

Luca G.

Very exciting and full of ideas to explore more deeply! I can’t wait to apply it for study, work and hobbies, handouts and exams.

Anna F.

I found the course very comprehensive as it doesn’t only delve into reading but is also enriched by many other topics concerning the functioning of learning and awareness. So you can apply the method to other areas of your life, which is fantastic.

Ivan P.

For me it was a fantastic discovery, a new starting point towards what was previously impossible. It’s great that you can use this method within any life situation..

Barbara T.

I found it very useful to regain contact with myself and my mind. Therefore, I recommend it to everyone without age limits to find and regain self-awareness.

Margherita P.

Interesting, in line with my path of growth and continuous research, I still have much to discover and I’m sure that with the 3D reading I will be able to do it. Thank you!

Francesca D.

It helped me find a more effective alternative to my old study method. It made me realize that I can achieve any goal I want to set myself.

Andrea Francesca L.

It was a very interesting and different experience; it helped me open my mind to new opportunities.

Virginia B.

Very interesting and revolutionary, I think the method should be taught from an early age in all schools.

Daniele C.

Thank you very much for this course, which was a chance to get out of my comfort zone. You are innovative and revolutionary. Thank you for existing.

Luisa B.

Promising, opens many more doors.

Fiorella C.

A method that can really change your life.

Patricia A.

The course was exciting, transcendental, profound, moving, extraordinary.

Stephan F.

It literally changes your life. You start to see things in a totally different way and with more self-confidence and great desire to improve yourself more and more, you must attend it!

Cecily V.

The course has provided me with a valid tool that shook my certainties. I like it because I’m sure that I will have good fun by applying it, and I can’t wait to master it to reach my goal: learning English and German.

Marie Theresa P.

Very useful for those who have always struggled with learning like me. For the first time, I relaxed and leave aside my anxieties and fears while studying.

Marie Claire F.

It’s crazy. The first day you start enthusiastic, the second day you go home feeling your head heavy, and by the third day you are born again. Thank you for the complex work you have done for all of us.

Antonella R.

Beautiful, personally enriching, to be promoted because those who lose it do not know that they have lost, a value greater than gold, a course of infinite value.

Manuela D.

Interesting, useful and of strong impact, you learn to discover new learning methods and yourself; a wonderful experience.

Alexandra B.

Interesting course, in some ways disorienting for the habits learned, it is a challenge to improve not only as a student but as a person, tough, requires motivation and desire to take action leaving aside the sabotaging thoughts and worries.

Giacinto A.

I liked the course, I tried to learn how Mary Poppins uses chopsticks to tidy up drawers, and I got the chopsticks and understood how to do it. In the end, I even tidied up some drawers.

Lorena P.

Absolutely amazing, you arrive thinking you are going to acquire a good method of reading and studying. Then, as you go along (pretty soon actually: after the first morning), you realise you’ve been given a key to access something else, making you free, more joyful and powerful (as you choose inspired by the infinite possibilities).

Eliana T.

The course was interesting, enlightening, useful, revolutionary. It really gives a significant change to your life.

Camilla S.

Very interesting, full of stimuli not only about the method but also about life.

Catia T.

The course opens up a new way of reading and thinking. If being intelligent means knowing how to “read yourself”, surely you can become more intelligent.

Claudia Maria C.

I’m not going to lie. I was sceptical at first, not because I started on the wrong foot, but because the negativity that I recognised was part of me! And in the end, I felt so fulfilled, knowing that from now on I will surely improve myself. Thank you!

Ilenia B.

It completely exceeded my expectations. It was very interesting telling about the books read, as I was able to describe it as I’ve never been able to before, thank you.

Giada G.

It sparked my curiosity to try and try again until I master it. The course is wonderful, I want to explore all my potential and make my magic sphere shine brighter and brighter, and now it’s time to study. Good luck!

Cristiana C.

A course that I thought was about speed reading, but turned out to be a mind-opening course. Filippo Rossi taught emotions linked to three-dimensional reading, to reveal a reality not visible to most people. I really liked this desire to stimulate people to see beyond the barriers they face every day.

Stefano R.

This is a very motivating course. With perseverance, commitment and a lot of practice this technique can change everything. It’s an experience that you absolutely have to do, you get to know many new people, but above all you get to know yourself, it’s fantastic.

Mattia S.

I found it very interesting because it made me understand how much I can improve. I’m determined to get the best results, and I’m happy to be doing something new that will take me further.

Donatella S.

It works! It was a demanding and challenging experience, which allowed me to become aware of many thoughts that were hovering in my mind, but in a confused way, it’s the beginning of a journey.

Simona P.

Rich and innovative course, important on a personal level and in terms of ideas to implement. The potential of this method is fundamental!

Serena T.

I think it was a fantastic course; I also found many links regarding my personal growth journey, which made me feel at home. Thank you very much!

Tatiana C.

This is a well-conceived and effective method.

Walter P.

Exciting, I think everyone should have a similar experience. I’m delighted.

Barbara C. P.

Particular and unconventional. It’s a great opportunity.

Elvis T.

Super cool! I wouldn’t know how to describe it because it was really great: it doesn’t just teach you a new reading method but also to understand yourself a little more, it opens your mind to new frontiers and it’s just… wow!

Giulia C.

The course is very interesting and it’s easier than you imagine… You just have to let yourself go and be curious like children, throw yourself into it with full confidence in your potential and then… If children can do it, why shouldn’t I?

Diego G.

It’s amazing how many hidden capacities have emerged in such a few days… And not only in me! I’m sure this course will change the lives of all those who participate, as long as they want it of course.

Laura Z.

Very interesting, completely different from what you are used to. Well structured, very practical and clear.

Silvia B.

A course capable of shaking up a person’s life. A comprehensive experience that marks you, and teach you important life lessons. This course helps you be more sensitive.

Leonardo Z.

Nice, deep, involving experience… I didn’t imagine that it could deeply influence all aspects of life.

Maria Grazia P.

Fascinating, surprising, it opened up possibilities that I was already looking for. I would have liked it to continue even after the end.

Alessandro C.

A piece of advice: don’t start this experience with a sceptical attitude, because this limits your abilities so much. You need to let yourself go without expectations and the fruits will come… Guaranteed.

Giada T.

Intense, stimulating, involving a technique with huge possibilities to enlarge the sensory perceptions of each person, I recommend it to everyone.

Amato Roberto B.

This course offers you the possibility of accessing your true potential.

Anna G.

It was extraordinary, useful for a breakthrough and to improve the world.

Stefano M.

It is a beautiful course, intense and well structured.

Carlotta C.

I’m happy to have met you and happy that you have destabilised me. It’s great value for money!

Marina O.

A wonderful experience from which I’ve had many accomplishments, even beyond my expectations.

Giacomo P.

It’s a fascinating course. It completely overturns the way of studying and learning.

Jacopo F.

I came with high expectations; in the afternoon of the last day I followed the whole procedure well and understood that I had learned. Objective achieved, now it’s just a matter of practice.

Andrea S.

A very intense course. More than a course, it is a unique and unforgettable life experience, it left me with many emotions and many things to reflect on. The technique is very useful and allows you to read in a new way and open up your mind.

Serena C.

Interesting experience, which I’m sure will change my life for the better in many ways, not only in terms of reading. I think I’ve been waiting for this course my whole life.

Ezio S.

The course was motivating and interesting, I have the feeling that I have found the path.

Elisabetta Z.

The course was enlightening, welcoming, full of surprises. Beautiful.

Sabrina C.

I think it’s more than a course, it really opens up infinite possibilities.

Stefano A.

It was a revelation, organised and structured in the best possible way. Functional for personal growth.

Rossella M.

This course has left me with more than a method. The desire and courage to see and live with less rationality and more awareness of my inner dimension.

Francesca D.

The course is well structured, really interesting. New approach with potential to be fulfilled.

Franca G. M.

Even before starting, I was very happy to participate, I had already guessed everything that I found during the course. The desire to learn is very strong.

Maria Luisa T.

My rational mind cannot find the right words! An image, something explosive that changes everything and gives you the possibility to create it again with another quality.

Cristina C.

Learning by playing is the best… I want to keep playing! I understood the importance of interaction and group unity.

Claudia C.

It was definitely a very useful and very important course for me, it helped me to get to know a part of myself that I didn’t know and see a different perspective. I will perfect this method more and more over time. I recommend everyone to attend it. I will definitely come back and tell my friends about the course.

Silvia M.

Very interesting, it’s surely a course that opens the deep mind and not only that, a course that opens up new possibilities for a different self, for a new feeling and, consequently, a new way of living and seeing life.

Simona P.

The course has provided me with a valid tool that has shaken my certainties, I like it because I’m convinced that I will have good fun by applying it and I can’t wait to master it in order to reach my goal which is to learn English and German.

Maria Teresa P.

Very interesting. I’ve been hoping to find a method like this for a long time and finally here it is! The course was full of positive surprises and I understood that we can really do better things for our future.

Barbara B.

Clear, effective, revealing (a discovery that can change your life).

Monica B.

The course was exciting, transcendental, profound, moving, extraordinary.

Stefano F.

A must-trying experience, exciting results. You discover the intuitive mnemonic aspect and access historical memories. It’s like turning on a light bulb in a dark forgotten archive. THANK YOU

Sergio M.

My compliments for the organisation, your warmth and the ability to involve participants. The course was very interesting and stimulating for new challenges! Excellent!!

Pierluciano A.

A wonderful experience, a wonderful opportunity to grow in every respect and increase knowledge. Thank you.

Sabrina M.

This course has been enriching from many points of view: the knowledge of self and the capacity of the mind, the beautiful company, the cheerful and helpful tutors! I’m really happy for everything you taught me over these days. Thank you!

Beatrice P.

I could use an infinite number of adjectives: fun, stimulating, empowering. Personally, I’ve attended many courses. What distinguishes this course from others? That it extremely practical to develop knowledge to achieve existential awareness. Thank you.

Cristina L.

Fabulous. At first I was sceptical but I also had high expectations. The scepticism disappeared almost immediately, also thanks to the wonderful staff members. I like this method very much and I’m already getting excellent results, I really feel enthusiastic.

Fiorella A.